A Very Mexican Vacation in Canada!


Mexican Independence Day was a few days ago (September 16th), and yes Mexican Independence Day is in September…not on May 5th. If you’re still confused, feel free to check out a past blog post where I teach you about 5 de Mayo AND tacos!

But back to Mexican Independence Day…I think the saying is true that you will always recognize things that are familiar or similar to you. Just like when you buy a red car, all of a sudden you begin to notice red cars everywhere. That was sort of the case for me when I (a Mexican) traveled to Montreal, Canada. I swear it was almost like Canada knew I was coming and decided to give me A Very Mexican Vacation in Canada!

The first thing that I do when I decide I’ll be traveling out of the country (or even within the country) is to look for lodging. I was traveling to Montreal with a friend who had been to Canada a few times so I wasn’t super worried about where we were going to stay.


I chose three Air BnB locations and had him choose. And what do you know, he chose the Air BnB in the LATIN Quarter of Montreal. That was the beginning of what would become a very interesting Mexican-Canadian Vacation.

The next coincidence was that staying in that same Air BnB was a woman from Mexico City! Her name was Hermosa and she was super nice, we talked about Mexico (in Spanish of course). Trust me when I say that I really didn’t expect to be speaking Spanish so far away from Mexico.

The next thing that was interesting, was that in planning our trip to Montreal…we decided that we wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show the same night that we arrived and lo and behold, the only show available was A MEXICAN INSPIRED SHOW. The show was called Luzia.


This is the newest show inspired by the cultural richness of Mexico and IT. WAS. AMAZING.


The tricks and performers were super impressive, I mean just look at this:

The music was also awesome (downloading all the music for my half marathon training playlist), the costumes were interesting (check out the cactus costume below), the story was emotional AND they served margaritas.

Before the show, there were a ton of Mexican inspired decorations (super colorful) and they were even serving margaritas at the bar!


And yes, I saw that ‘Jimador’ sign on the right from a mile away and bee-lined to the tent where they were serving margaritas!


And during the show (which was spectacular), they had super upbeat Mexican inspired music.

The decorations were beautiful, I mean look at how many flowers are on the stage!


And they did such a great job with the lighting to really make us feel the emotion of the story.


And I cannot stop raving about the music, it was so upbeat!

The next thing that was probably the most Mexican of the entire vacation was that the PRESIDENT OF MEXICO WAS IN QUEBEC CITY WHEN I WAS IN QUEBEC CITY. Our tour guide literally pointed out the hotel the President was staying in.


There I am, just casually strolling the cobble stone streets and then I’m told that the President of Mexico is literally feet away inside of a hotel. And of course, the hotel is beautiful.

quebec-city-4 I mean, COME ON. What are the odds of all of these things happening?!

Canada was totally tailor made for me and I absolutely loved it! Let’s see if this will happen again to me on my next international trip (Costa Rica). I will keep you all posted!  And stay tuned for a future video and post featuring Quebec City aka the real life World Disney!

Thanks for reading and stay enthusiastic!

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