6 Photos To Inspire You To Visit The Baby Cliffs in Ireland!


Tonight I am flying to Puerto Rico with my friend to cross off a couple of bucket list items (and to spend Christmas there), so I figured the best blog post for this week would be one about travel!

When planning my trip to Ireland last December, I was told that I HAD to visit the Cliffs of Moher so naturally I added it to my travel bucket list. What I wasn’t told, however, was that on the way to the Cliffs of Moher, there is another bucket list worthy spot: the Baby Cliffs. The Baby Cliffs in Ireland are a smaller version of the Cliffs of Moher (which are completely magical, and I will have a blog post about my experience there in the coming weeks). But just because they are smaller, or the ‘baby’ edition doesn’t make them any less spectacular. Check out six of my favorite photos to inspire you to visit this wondrous place!

The Baby Cliffs may be called ‘baby’ but they are not small. The view feels like it stretches out forever.


My favorite part of this place was that the waves from the ocean are so big, that the water sprinkles onto the cliffs. And this sprinkled water looks like sparkles and/or snow on the cliffs.


The day that I visited the Baby Cliffs, it was SUPER windy. So windy that my beanie kept flying off, that’s why I’m holding my beanie. But the weather and the intense wind just felt so right….like this place is meant to be experienced in intense weather.


This view never got old. Even now looking at these photos, don’t they make you want to buy a ticket to Ireland? I know I’m itching to go back. If you think the view looking out is beautiful, try looking down into the ocean. Beyond beautiful. And it was so serene and quiet…unlike many touristy spots that I visited.


Thanks for stopping by and stay enthusiastic! Let me know if you have any plans of heading to Ireland anytime soon 😉

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