How To Craft The Perfect Bucket List!

Last week, we talked about the 10 Items You Should Absolutely Have On Your Bucket List and I promised that after that post, I would share a step by step guide on crafting the perfect bucket list. This post was inspired by a couple of friends/readers who reached out and asked for help in crafting their own bucket lists. The first person who asked me how to craft a bucket list was my friend Juan, who read my 7 Reasons To Have a Bucket List post and got the motivation to craft his own bucket list.

I hope this helps you all, please let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Step 1: Get a piece of paper or open up a document on Google Drive

The first step is to get your bucket list vessel (or the place where your bucket list items will live). You can be old school and grab a piece of paper, or go new school and open up a document on Google Drive. I personally like using Google Drive because it’s always accessible wherever I go, and I can update it quickly when I get a new idea or when someone tags me on Facebook, Instagram or when family/friends call, email, or text me with ideas!

Step 2: Start writing

Once you have your vessel, start adding items! To make it super easy for you, I’ve already written a post with 10 items you absolutely need to add to your bucket list so you can get ideas from that! Open up that blog post, copy and paste the items that you want and now you have a good start on your bucket list.

Step 3: Think of what you like to do

Once you’ve copied over the sample items from my previous post, it’s time for you to add more items. Start thinking of things you’ve always wanted to do, and add them. Think of big items like sky diving, running a race, eating poutine in Canada, etc. Think of items that you’ve always been afraid to do or items that seem impossible and forget about all of the ‘buts’. Think about your life goals, personal goals, work goals and add those to your bucket list.

Step 4: Do more research

The next step is my favorite part. At this point, you’ll have a bucket list with a couple of ‘stereotypical’ items, but now it’s time to do some research and add even more items. Now is the time to go through all of your screenshots (I know I’m not the only one with 200+ images of cool things in my screenshots folder). Look at all of these screenshots and add those items (bungee jumping, painting and drinking class, etc.). You can also go stalk the people in your life who are always having adventures and take some inspiration from them. And make sure you tell them that they’ve inspired you; trust me, it’s super flattering. You can also check out my own bucket list(s) here!

Step 5: Start crossing off items

Okay I lied, step 4 wasn’t my favorite part…step 5 definitely is. Step 5 is where the action happens. Now you have a working bucket list and it’s time to start using it for the very reason it exists. You can go about this a couple of ways; you can look at your bucket list whenever you have free time and choose items to cross off. You can also look at your bucket list for inspiration for your next vacation and start truly living that bucket list life. The important part is to cross off items and make some memories.

Step 6: Keep adding

Now that you have an epic bucket list and you’re crossing off items left and right, it’s time to remember that your bucket list is a living document. This means that your bucket list will change (as you cross off items) but also as you add items. Whenever you get an idea for a new bucket list item, open up your list and add it! There is no limit to the number of items on your list, just as there is no limit to living an enthusiastic life.

I hope this step by step guide has been helpful and that I’ve inspired you to start living that bucket list life. Trust me it’s pretty awesome! For more inspiration, check out my bucket list(s).

Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic!

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