12 Photos To Inspire You To Hike Havasupai Falls!

Tomorrow is the first day of February…which for all of you hiker lovers means that tomorrow is the first day when you can sign up (online now!) to get a reservation to hike beautiful Havasupai Falls!

I hiked Havasupai Falls in September of 2017 (and I still need to post my lessons learned, stay tuned!) but I want you all to know that this place is Bucket List worthy!

Havasupai Falls can be found below the rim of the Grand Canyon and to get here you need to hike about 8 miles. You can hike back out or take a helicopter and see incredible views. An 8 mile hike may sound a bit intense, but with the right training (*cough* like my Couch to Havasupai Falls Phoenix training plan 😉 *cough*) it’s a breeze!

Back in the day, it was so difficult to make it to Havasupai Falls because you had to call by telephone to make a reservation and it was rare to actually get through because there are so many people wanting to visit. Lucky for you, they now accept reservations online HERE. The reservations open tomorrow at 8AM so set your alarms!

Check out 12 of my favorite photos to inspire you to hike Havasupai Falls!

One of the interesting parts about hiking Havasupai Falls in September is that there is a higher probability of rain…and although rain is nice and refreshing….it WILL change the turquoise blue water to brown muddy water which still looks cool but might not be what you expect when looking forward to the bluest waters. Luckily for you, it only takes about 12 hours for nature to do its thing and go back to blue! So one big tip is to definitely look at the weather before you book 😉

I’m personally glad that I got to experience both versions of Havasupai Falls (blue & brown) because the brown reminded me of another spot in AZ that’s on my bucket list: Chocolate Falls! Has anyone gone!?

I’ve seen photos of Havasupai Falls and its bluest of waters my entire life and I knew one day I would see it in person, but finally getting there felt so surreal. I was curious to know why the water is turquoise blue and Google told me it is because of the dissolved calcium carbonate and magnesium that occurs naturally in Havasu Creek. Never stop learning and never stop adventuring y’all! 

The water is such a beautiful blue/green but when it rains, Havasupai Falls looks a lot like a chocolate fall! But do not worry, it takes about 24 hours for the water to go back to its beautiful blue/green color.

I hope this list inspires you to check Havasupai Falls off of your Hiking Bucket List! To see more Havasupai photos, check out #MairaInSupai on Instagram!

Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic!

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