6 Reasons To Road Trip To Utah with Mazda!

This post is sponsored by Mazda USA. As always, all opinions are my own.

Two weeks ago, I partnered with Mazda USA to experience the most epic road trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Kanab, Utah and I kind of wish I was still on that road trip. Utah is absolutely beautiful but the main reason why I had such a blast on this last trip was because I had the amazing opportunity to drive the Mazda 6! This car is perfect for a road trip and I honestly didn’t want to return it. Check out 6 reasons why you need to add a Mazda road trip to your bucket list!

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11 English & Spanish Book Recommendations From Boss Ladies at #WeAllGrow!

Reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in Culebra, Puerto Rico

World Book day is in just a few days (April 23rd) and I am so excited to celebrate! I have been an avid reader since childhood, even going so far as getting invited to ride in a limousine in 4th grade because I read the most books in my entire elementary school (#NerdAlert). These days, I don’t read as often as I’d like but I do get some reading time in when I can, especially while traveling.

A few weeks ago, I attended the #WeAllGrow Latina Bloggers Summit (check out my recap here) and several of the speakers had book recommendations to share.

I made sure to jot down the recommendations to add to my reading list and I feel it is my duty to share! Enjoy these 11 books (in no particular order) recommended by boss ladies!

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3 More Dog Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix!

Happy National Pet day everyone! I don’t have a pet quite yet, but I do offer to dog sit for my friends whenever they are out of town. There’s three things that I always like to do when taking care of these dogs: hike, run, and eat at dog friendly restaurants!

To celebrate National Pet Day, I’ve rounded up three more dog friendly restaurants in Phoenix that you can enjoy with your pet! Check out my original post about dog friendly restaurants here, and enjoy the rest below!

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9 Photos To Inspire You To Hike Hualapai Mountain!

Today is National Walking Day so obviously we all need to get our steps in, and what better way than with some outdoor walking also known as hiking! One of my favorite long hikes in Arizona is the Aspen Peak Trail at Hualapai Mountain in Kingman, Arizona. I believe everyone needs to check out this mountain because the views are beautiful and in case you don’t believe me, I’ve rounded up 9 of my favorite photos to inspire you! Enjoy!

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Slam Dunk An Epic Game Viewing With Foster Farms!

This post is sponsored by Foster Farms. As always, all opinions are my own.

My friends, it is March…which means that there’s a pretty big college basketball tournament going on.

This year, however, my team didn’t make it past the first round of the tournament so I obviously need a huge distraction at this time…and what better way than delicious food, friends and a very addicting game to help me!

This week, I’ve partnered with Foster Farms to make sure you slam dunk your game viewing parties and I’ve decided to share my top tips for an awesome time!

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5 Restaurants To Add To Your Brunch Bucket List!

When people ask me what I like to do for fun, you better believe that ‘brunch’ is high on my list.

When friends visit me, I take them out to brunch. When my friends and I need to catch up, we go to brunch. When my mom is craving something sweet and savory, we go to brunch.

In case you aren’t quite sure where to go for brunch or if you need some brunch recommendations, I am here for you! Check out 5 of my favorite brunch spots in Phoenix and Scottsdale that you absolutely need to add to your bucket list!

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How I Became Even More Enthusiastic After the 2018 #WeAllGrow Summit!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

What a day. Without planning it, today I wore my Society of Women Engineers polo, I went out to lunch with a female coworker/friend, I went on group run with my #EnthusiasticAboutRunning group (comprised mainly of women), and I went on my social media accounts to see my feed filled with inspirational stories of women.

Today, this past weekend (and honestly every day of my life) has been all about women supporting women and I AM HERE FOR IT. I had the best four days at the Weallgrow Latina summit this last weekend in beautiful Long Beach, California and I can’t be the only one experiencing summit withdrawals. So much inspiration, empowerment, growth, learning opportunities, mentoring, yoga, swag, beautiful views, and support.

WeAllGrow Latina is a network of women that connects influencers/bloggers with brands but also empowers Latinas by hosting a summit every year in California.

I attended in 2016 (you can check out that post and video here!), missed last year (because I was officiating a wedding) but was thrilled to be able to return this year.

Check out 10 reasons to join me at next year’s summit; 2019 cannot come soon enough!

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3 West Phoenix Hikes To Add To Your Hiking Bucket List!

My cousin recently moved out to Goodyear and messaged me asking for the best places to hike in West Phoenix and I directed her to my Hiking Bucket List. After sending her the link, I realized the Hiking Bucket List has hikes all over Arizona and she really just needed a more specialized list, so I made it happen! I aim to please, and if you cross off all these hikes and need more inspiration, check out 5 North Phoenix Hikes To Add To Your Hiking Bucket List! Enjoy!

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