4 More Places To Eat, Drink & Party in Phoenix!

Last year for my birthday, I wrote a blog post on 24 items to cross off of your bucket list before turning 24. I decided to go a different route this year because 25 items (and being 25 years old) seems like a lot to me, so this year I will instead be sharing places to celebrate your birthday! My birthday is this week and when birthdays come around, all I can think of is eating, drinking and partying. And I know I’m not alone in that thought, so I figured it’s the perfect time to share 4 More Places To Eat, Drink & Party in Phoenix! If you missed the first 4 places, you can see them here!


These next 4 places have come from my Food Bucket List as well as suggestions given in the comments in past blog posts, so yes I do read your comments and they definitely influence my bucket list(s) so keep them coming! Enjoy!

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