26 Lessons Learned From Running 26.2 Miles!

The finish line at the Wineglass Marathon

At the beginning of 2017, I wrote a post with 12 Bucket List Items that I wanted to cross off in 2017 and one of those items was to run a full marathon. I set a very big goal of one day running 26.2 miles….and I did it! I crossed off this bucket list item back in October and IT WAS AMAZING. It took a lot of time and work to get here and I learned so much on my journey.

In just one week, I will be turning 26 so I figured now is the perfect time to talk about the time I ran 26.2 miles, took 26 selfies, and learned 26 important lessons.

I decided to run the Wineglass Marathon in upstate New York because a friend invited me, the course looked beautiful, and I wanted to run somewhere with nice weather. I absolutely loved the race and during the race, I knew I wanted to document my experience so I took a selfie at every mile.

Yes, 26 selfies…I know that’s a lot. Don’t worry, I’ll only share my two favorites, but I will definitely share all 26 lessons learned. I hope this inspires you to run a marathon because it really is life changing. Stay tuned for more running posts, because this website is Enthusiastic About Running! Enjoy the 26 lessons, my friends!

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