The Bucket List(s)

The Lists : How they got started, and where they are now. P.S. –  If you’d like to start your own bucket list, check out a ton of tips here.

The Graduation Bucket List started a few days before my senior year in college. I managed to cross off so many items on my bucket list that to this day, I still have absolutely no idea how I graduated.


JK I do know, I didn’t sleep ;). I also don’t know how I was able to fund these bucket list items because I was so broke haha. Feel free to get inspired to have an epic senior year (like me) by creating your own graduation bucket list. Check out what items I crossed off here!

The Life Bucket List was born after I graduated from college. It turns out that when I did the math, I only completed about 30% of my Graduation Bucket List which sounds low but I count it as a win.

I did so many things.

I didn’t want the bucket list journey to end so I just moved the items I didn’t finish onto The Life Life Bucket List. And overtime, I have added a few more items based on things I see and learn about and things my friends/family suggest. The Life Bucket List is still growing but at this point I’ve completed about 5%. Check out some of the stuff I’ve done so far here!

The Food Bucket List was born from the Life Bucket List. It all started with three items on the the Life Bucket List.

I had three restaurants in Phoenix that I wanted to try but as I got more and more suggestions and I saw new restaurants opening up, I knew that soon the Life Bucket List would be full of restaurants. At this point I decided to create a new list dedicated to restaurants and the Food Bucket List was born. At the time, I was only focusing on restaurants in Arizona but as I kept traveling to different states I kept trying new restaurants so now this Food Bucket List is open to all restaurants in the USA. Check out some of the items I’ve crossed off so far here!

The Hiking Bucket List was also born from the Life Bucket List. Similar story to the Food Bucket List. I’ve always loved hiking and I did some hiking in college.

But it was hard to go out and make time for hiking with all of my exams, homework assignments and projects so I told myself that once I graduated I would conquer all of the mountains in Arizona. As of right now, I’ve done a few hikes in other states but I’m focusing on Arizona first. If you are an avid hiker, let me know and we can cross off a mountain from this giant list of hikes! Check out some of the mountains I’ve crossed off so far here!

The Travel Bucket List was also born from the Life Bucket List.

Similar story to the Food and Hiking Bucket Lists. In the Life Bucket List, one of the items is to visit all 50 states in the United States. I thought to myself, ‘why limit myself to just the 50 states?’ That’s when I decided that I want to visit the entire world. I want to visit and see the entire world. The Travel Bucket List officially started when one of my best friends Maggie told me that she would be studying/living/working in Belgium for five months and she mentioned that we go visit her. SO WE DID. Right now the Traveling Bucket List includes Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and Puerto Rico. Follow along on my journey as I visit more countries! The next place that I will be visiting will be South America in December! If you are in another country and would like for me to visit, feel free to invite me! Check out some of the items I’ve crossed off so far here!