What’s Next


Life bucket list:
Item #390: Officiate a wedding (again)
Item #399: Hot yoga!
Item #621: Experience the life of a beekeeper
Item #626: Murder Mystery Dinner!
Item #34: Be in a documentary! It will finally be screened this month 🙂
Item #170: Will be dog sitting (practicing for when I get my own dog)
Item #137: Cliff jump from a beautiful location (one of the 12 bucket list items to cross off in 2017, see the rest here)
Item #21: Run a 10K (again)
Item #318: Camping (again)

Hiking bucket list:
Will be hiking/exploring the following mountains/places: Piestewa Peak & Fossil Creek

Food bucket list:
Will be trying new restaurants to eat, drink, party in Phoenix (for my birthday) and will also be trying new restaurants in New Mexico!

Restaurants and mountains from the Food and Hiking Bucket Lists are not planned super far in advance. If you’d like to join me in crossing off a restaurant or a mountain from your bucket list, feel free to contact me 🙂

As always, if you’d like live updates on the bucket lists, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!