Worst Morning Of My Life!

Hi friends! At first I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t have anything to write on my blog every week because my life can’t possibly be that eventful…but I was so wrong haha. Most of you know that I went on vacation this past week to visit my friend at Glacier National Park in Montana. Literally as soon as I arrived everything that could possibly go wrong, WENT WRONG. But don’t worry about me, I had an awesome vacation. That first morning was just horrible. And my trip ended with a spontaneous trip to Portland, Oregon so all was fine! But let’s get back to the worst morning of my life lol.

Before I start talking about the worst morning of my life, I just want to mention that I started reading The Martian on my flight to Montana and finished the book on my way back home. Great book (that will soon be a movie), and I highly recommend it! Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all about this book is that because whenever I am reading a book or watching a movie, my life somehow starts to reflect that book or movie. The Martian is a story about an astronaut who is stranded on Mars with no source of communication to the rest of the world. He is alone and stranded and scared for his life. Ok, now back to me and my life.


I arrived in Montana at around 6am and I got my rental car and all was good. I started driving towards East Glacier (about 2 hours away from the airport) and I had LITERALLY driven for about 5 minutes when I got pulled over for going 10 miles over the speed limit and I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET. So that’s how my morning started. Apparently, police officers in Montana are serious about speeding because there is a ton of wildlife roaming around. Anyway, continuing on…I get on the Going To The Sun Road (super famous, beautiful road that offers an awesome scenic journey on the drive from one part of the national park to the other). I drive about 1.5 hours and then come to a place where the road is CLOSED. I had read somewhere that when the road is closed, the park crew usually comes at 8am to open it so I decide to wait. I wait 2 hours just parked there…at 8am nobody comes. After waiting 2 hours, I suddenly realize that I have to go to the bathroom so I turn around and start driving back down the mountain because I remember seeing a restroom about 15 minutes down the mountain.

After driving for about 10 minutes, the ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light comes on IN MY RENTAL CAR. IN MY RENTAL CAR THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY PROBLEMS. MY RENTAL CAR THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BRAND NEW. I keep driving because I have to go to the bathroom. After about 2 minutes, the ‘CHECK OIL’ light comes on. I keep driving because I know I am almost to the bathroom place and I can park there and wait for help. I should mention that I have zero cell service and there are no cars ANYWHERE. I keep driving and then out of nowhere the CAR COMPLETELY DIES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I am stranded in the middle of a road on the side of a mountain with no cell service and I am alone. I am literally like the character in the book. I should also mention that I haven’t eaten or drank anything and I’m hungry and tired and thirsty AND I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.

Anyway, I wait inside my car because it’s freezing and it has started raining. Finally after about 30 minutes, I see a car pass and I try to flag them down to ask them if they have any oil or any cell service and guess what happens. THEY IGNORE ME AND DRIVE BY ME. I probably looked really sketchy and they probably thought I was going to murder them lol so it was a little funny at first but then after minutes pass by and nobody stops for me I start to realize the severity of my situation. I am stranded in the middle of a narrow road. I am cold. I am alone. AND I STILL HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.

I had never experienced this amount of sheer loneliness. It was terrifying. I kind of had an emotional breakdown because I can get very dramatic and I started thinking that maybe I would die and starve there (LOL). Anyway, I waited for about 2 hours and then finally a nice, old Irish couple stops by and helps me push my car to a turn out. I was so grateful lol. They tell me that they will drive down the 1.5 hours to the ranger station and get me a tow truck. So I had to wait 3 more hours for them to drive down and get a tow truck lol. It was the worst morning ever. Also, it just kept getting colder and colder and it started lightly snowing at one point. I had to go through my luggage and put on all of my sweaters and pants because the car wouldn’t even let me turn on the heater. It was HORRIBLE. And keep in mind that I still had to go to the bathroom. Finally after holding it for so long, I just went into the forest and went to the bathroom there lol. Finally 3 hours later, the park ranger shows up with a tow truck behind him and rescued me lol. The park ranger was amazing and the tow truck driver was so nice. Once he hooked up my dead rental car, and we started driving down the mountain he even stopped a few times along the way and took pictures of me with the great views behind me lol.

Best believe, that when I got to the rental car place I complained so hard. That was just ridiculous. After that, I had no more car troubles but seriously that was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me: being stranded in a dead car in a narrow mountain road while being cold, hungry, tired, and having to go to the bathroom. I hope that the beginning of your vacations are never this bad lol. After that horrible morning, everything turned around. I had such a blast hiking, exploring, and learning all about Glacier National Park! My return flight also got cancelled and I got stuck in Portland but I called up my good friend Mariela and she showed me a good time. All in all, my vacation was a success and I got a great story out of my misfortune haha.

Sorry for the super long blog post but a lot happened that morning!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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