The Ultimate Puerto Vallarta Bucket List!

I visited Puerto Vallarta earlier this year and fell in love with this beautiful place on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

There are several all inclusive resorts here including Fiesta Americana, a beach front resort with the best views. Here you can find beautiful beaches, fun night life, and incredible food. 

Check out The Ultimate Puerto Vallarta Bucket List and let me know if you’re inspired to visit!

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2 Photos To Inspire You To Hike Lookout Mountain!


I’m STILL working on the Ultimate Arizona Bucket List, there is just so much to do here in Arizona…but you already know that I will be including plenty of hiking!

Lookout Mountain Preserve is a very underrated (and semi-unknown) park. When my friend Jose and I went, we literally saw no other hikers but that doesn’t mean that this hike is boring. It was a great, pretty steep hike with a ton of beautiful scenery. The day we went was also super windy but it helped us deal with the Arizona heat.

I recommend this hike if you are looking for a solitary hike that will give you a great workout. When we hiked this mountain, we did the Summit and Circumference trails.

Check out 2 photos to inspire you to hike Lookout Mountain Preserve!

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Miami Beach Belongs On Your Miami Bucket List!

You definitely have to spend some time at the beach and I really liked Miami Beach! It wasn’t super crowded, there’s lots of restaurants and bars nearby, and we ended up having some promoters come up to us and add us to their guest list for their clubs. I recommend going to the beach on Thursday or Friday and getting added to promoters lists if you want to go to clubs. Check out all my photos to inspire you to visit!

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