Graduation Bucket List

Items are listed in order of completion.

Graduation bucket list item #9 completed: HIKE ROMERO POOLS : 8/8/13


Romero Pools was a BEAUTIFUL hike. I would rate it moderately difficult. It’s not a short hike and there are some areas that are pretty steep. The end is definitely worth it. Beautiful pools and a lot of people cliff dive. I was too scared but I definitely plan to come back and cliff dive some time.


Graduation bucket list item #35 completed: EXPLORE THE SAN XAVIER UNDERGROUND STUDENT RUN MINE:  8/15/13


Visiting the San Xavier Student Run Mine in Tucson was a fantastic experience. It was so weird being 150 below the ground but at the same time very cool to see all of the equipment. I definitely recommend everyone to come check this place out even if you are not studying engineering!


Graduation bucket list item #112 completed: GET A JOB :  8/18/13


After two fantastic summers interning for Honeywell Aerospace and receiving an offer to return as a full time engineer after graduation, I am very excited to say that I have accepted the offer. I am looking forward to starting my career working for an amazing company and for the most supportive supervisor I have ever had. I can’t wait to reunite with great friends/colleagues and start new projects. 🙂

Graduation bucket list item #108 completed: VISIT KANSAS TO WATCH ELAINE PLAY SOCCER :  8/23/13





Visiting Elaine in Kansas to see her play soccer on her Sterling College team was amazing. Of course she won because she rocks. We got to explore Kansas State University, and fish and relax with the Millers.





Graduation bucket list item #53 completed: TRY THE FOOD AT MI NIDITO RESTAURANT :  8/29/13 

13856_677069645638471_286054794_n 563140_677069628971806_1721487987_n

Mi Nidito is one of Tucson’s best Mexican restaurants.

Graduation bucket list item #101 completed: EAT AT BEAR DOWN KITCHEN :  10/9/13

It was super cool eating at Bear Down Kitchen located in the University of Arizona stadium. This is where the athletes come to eat!

Graduation bucket list item #113 completed: WATCH AN AWAY GAME ON UNIVERSITY :  10/13/13

Everyone needs to experience what it is like to go watch any away game on University. Just hit up any bar/restaurant and cheer on the Cats with some friends.

Graduation bucket list item #116 completed: VISIT THE U OF A HALL OF FAME :  10/16/13

1382962_686629944682441_651468972_n 1379400_686629348015834_1040348437_n

Every Wildcat definitely needs to check out the Hall of Fame. It has a lot of cool history on the U of A and it shows how well we are doing outside of Tucson!

Graduation bucket list item #33 completed: GO TO TERROR IN THE CORN :  10/20/13


This place was freaking terrifying. I recommend if you like getting scared. They don’t play here lol


Graduation bucket list item #95 completed: EAT AT EL NENE (RACHAEL RAY’S FAVE SPOT) :  10/23/13


This place was delicious. No wonder it’s Rachael Ray’s favorite hot dog place in Tucson. Highly recommend. Cash only!


Graduation bucket list item #50 completed: EAT A FAMOUS HIGHLAND BURRITO AFTER 12AM :  10/25/13


EVERY WILDCAT needs to do this. Drop by the Highland Market after midnight and grab a famous breakfast burrito. They are delicious but it’s more about the experience and the people you see and the memories. And you usually see some basketball players and who doesn’t want to see that?!?!


Graduation bucket list item #5 completed: GO TO THE FAMOUS YUMA HAUNTED DUNGEON :  10/27/13


The haunted dungeon was so epic and actually pretty scary. Very well done and I would recommend it to anyone!

Graduation bucket list item #57 completed: ATTEND THE NATIONAL SHPE CONFERENCE :  11/1/13

941278_697005973644838_292311768_n (1)


Hands down attending theSHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) National Conference in Indianapolis was one of the best experiences of my senior year. I encourage all students to attend at least one conference. Not only was it helpful in networking and obtaining internships/jobs, it is also SO MUCH FUN and it’s so great meeting other students just like you.

 1391633_695973457081423_105302968_n 555847_695909263754509_172070061_n  1452314_695973327081436_1535866480_n 1456102_695973287081440_1294652182_n   1379832_695412923804143_2136107117_n  1450836_695412833804152_2031386824_n 1452467_695412783804157_553696290_n  1003858_695411973804238_16786516_n SHPE CONFERENCE SHPEUA SHPE

Graduation bucket list item #110 completed: TAILGATE BEFORE HOMECOMING :  11/10/13


Tailgating before Homecoming was such a blast. Definitely recommend it!



Graduation bucket list item #55 completed: WATCH ALL OF THE STAR WARS MOVIES :  11/17/13


Wow I can’t believe I had gone my whole life without watching these movies as an AEROSPACE engineering student!!! These movies are as amazing as everyone says they are. Do yourself a favor and watch them. In Blu-ray if you can.

Graduation bucket list item #2 completed: DRIVE THE STUDENT BUILT BAJA CAR :  11/17/13


This was a fun one. Getting to be able to drive this car that my fellow peers helped to build was a great feeling. Plus the car is REALLY fast.


Graduation bucket list item #119 completed: GET INTERVIEWED TO BE ON TV :  11/18/13


It was so cool getting interviewed to be on Fox Sports Arizona by my good friend Ashley who at the time was studying at the Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU. And I got interviewed to talk about one of my favorite topics: U OF A BASKETBALL!

Graduation bucket list item #21 completed: RUSH THE FOOTBALL FIELD :  11/23/13


Rushing the football field after beating Oregon who was ranked SO MUCH HIGHER than us was so awesome. It was such an adrenaline rush! Hope you can all one day rush a football field after an epic game. 1462959_707830035895765_997351026_n1456050_707829922562443_1667992065_n

Graduation bucket list item #121 completed: MEET THE INFAMOUS ‘ZOO KEEPER’ :  11/23/13


If you attended the U of A from 2010-2014, you will have seen this guy. This guy is known as the ‘Zoo Keeper’ and you can see him at every football game getting the student section all hyped up. I had been wanting to meet him for a while and I finally met him when we beat Oregon! Turns out, he’s also an engineering student! Small world!

Graduation bucket list item #122 completed: RIDE A MECHANICAL BULL :  11/30/13


I think the picture speaks for itself lol Tempe can be fun sometimes

Graduation bucket list item #89 completed: GO TO THE UA VS ASU FOOTBALL GAME :  12/1/13


Even though my Cats lost, it was still a good game. Don’t think I’ll be doing this one again..there were way too many Sun Devils around me 😉


It’s okay though, because UA is still beating ASU in statistics 🙂


Graduation bucket list item #98 completed: WEAR SWEET COSTUME TO A GAME :  12/7/13 & 2/6/14


This was so much fun even though my friends were embarrassed to be seen with me lol


Graduation bucket list item #68 completed: VISIT WINTER HAVEN :  12/20/13


Winter Haven is such a cool place in Tucson! Every year, a whole neighborhood decorates all of the houses in beautiful lights and other decorations. They also collect cans to give to those in need. It’s beautiful and it is for a good cause. I highly recommend.


Graduation bucket list item #59 completed: CHECK OUT THE NEW WIND TUNNEL AT UA:  1/26/14


This was a super cool tour but I wasn’t alllowed to take pictures. If you are at the UA, I would encourage you to email the professor and ask to see the tunnel.

Graduation bucket list item #62 completed: VISIT SLIDE ROCK IN SEDONA :  2/3/14


Slide Rock was BEAUTIFUL. If you love nature, come check out this place. When I went the weather was perfect and it started SNOWING.


Graduation bucket list item #124 completed: STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES :  2/4/14


When I ‘stopped to smell the roses’ I literally sat on the U of A mall (grassy area in center of campus) and just sat there. I slowed things down, relaxed, soaked in the sunshine and just breathed. No music, no talking, no texting, no social media. Probably my favorite item on my bucket list. Sometimes you just need to stop.

Graduation bucket list item #127 completed: EAT AT THE RESTAURANT ‘1702’ :  2/6/14


I was so excited when I finally tried this restaurant because I would always see it when I would drive through campus. This place is now one of my very favorite restaurants near campus. The slices of pizza are HUGE and sooo flavorful. The wings are amazing too. Definitely recommend this place.


Graduation bucket list item #70 completed: GO TO THE TUCSON GEM AND MINERAL SHOW :  2/16/14


I was very lucky and got to go to the 60th annual Tucson Gem and Mineral show so when I went there was so much to see! Super cool and very pretty items. I was also very lucky in going to the show with a mining engineering student so he was able to give me a lot of fun facts including that you can lick rocks to figure out what kind of rock it is!


Graduation bucket list item #63 completed: GO TO THE UA VS ASU HOCKEY GAME :  2/23/14


The hockey game was super exciting! U of A unfortunately lost but it was still a great game! I would definitely come back.


Graduation bucket list item #88 completed: HIKE SEVEN FALLS :  2/24/14


Seven Falls is one of my all time favorite hikes in Tucson. The views before the falls are beautiful and once you get to the falls…well you’re kind of left speechless. Beautiful hike and it’s not super difficult. The water is freezing so watch out. I recommend this hike!


Graduation bucket list item #36 completed: GO TO AN EPIC CONCERT :  various dates

I went to the Vampire Weekend concert where Sky Ferreira opened for them and it was absolutely such a blast! Vampire Weekend put on a fantastic show as did Sky Ferreira. We were super lucky and go to meet the very talented Sky  Ferreira after the show!



Teddy Geiger was FANTASTIC live. Such a dreamy voice and such beautiful songs.



The Swedish DJ Duo Rebecca and Fiona were my very first ‘house’ type music concert. It was such a blast. Rebecca gave me a free beer and Fiona high fived me! So epic.


American Authors and Camden West put on such a great show!

10176079_780696745275760_4442958420417443051_n 10169289_780696728609095_7299414009282721465_n 1014309_780696708609097_5612471320893973041_n  1604766_780696651942436_3032394173781942359_n

Lana Del Rey was AMAZING. I love her voice.


10155409_782768091735292_1454890342292510779_n 10156012_783042451707856_1021827184555965092_n 1148918_783042385041196_8339995065580413966_n

Hoodie Allen  had such amazing energy and was so good live.

10276009_792048367473931_6074164713586248546_n  1926811_792048317473936_8527403115579601912_n

Graduation bucket list item #106 completed: EAT AT EL CHARRO RESTAURANT :  3/25/141974990_772399289438839_136621056_n

This place was good!! Delicious fancy Mexican food.

Graduation bucket list item #32 completed: GO TO THE FAMOUS SEASONS POOL PARTY :  3/29/14

1964904_774225955922839_380418444_n 1959335_774225919256176_693954736_n

This was pretty epic…I can see why it’s famous now hahaha definitely recommend 😉

Graduation bucket list item #11 completed: GO ARCHERY SHOOTING :  3/30/14


This was so much fun and so epic. Definitely channelled my inner Katniss. It’s actually surprisingly much harder than it looks but I hit a bulls eye! I recommend going with someone who is kind of an expert, at least your first time.

10015067_774596272552474_81810191_n 1544394_774596242552477_281559861_n 1012944_774595849219183_1497051957_n 10003332_774595715885863_1156149837_n 1488803_774595749219193_1508184738_n

Graduation bucket list item #10 completed: EAT AT EMPIRE PIZZA AND PUB :  3/30/14

1975121_774604065885028_642219718_n 10173573_774604049218363_1298863105_n

This place is known for its wings and I can definitely see why!! One of my favorite places to grab wings in Tucson. Highly recommend!

Graduation bucket list item #114 completed: JOIN AN INTRAMURAL SOCCER TEAM :  4/2/14 1609946_776283592383742_1409825410_n

Such a blast! We won our first game where I made my debut as a goalie. I think everyone should join at least one intramural team. Super fun!

Graduation bucket list item #40 completed: EAT AT WINGS OVER BROADWAY :  4/10/14


This place is also super well known for wings in Tucson and I can see why. Super flavorful and SPICY. Pretty sure I teared up a bit.

 1526260_780062005339234_4823061324748058380_n 10168030_780061918672576_4019011459411281354_n

Graduation bucket list item #47 completed: SHOP AT BUFFALO EXCHANGE THRIFT STORE :  4/11/14


Super cool place to shop! Lots of cute random things.

10177936_780694965275938_6955914463218214384_n 1619361_780694941942607_1254281160772129313_n

Graduation bucket list item #126 completed: HIKE TUMAMOC HILL :  4/13/14


Great hike! Probably one of the steepest hikes I’ve ever done. Had to rest a few times on the way up. A little difficult but the view is definitely worth it.

Graduation bucket list item #13 completed: EAT AT FRANK’S & FRANCISCO’S RESTAURANT :  4/13/14

10169280_781583078520460_5892257789761181804_n 10175985_781583031853798_3711436228310180743_n

This place was SO CUTE and quaint. Definitely had a home cooking feel. The food was DELICIOUS and the pancakes were just enormous. We were basically full the whole day haha we recommend!

Graduation bucket list item #77 completed: TOUR THE STEWARD OBSERVATORY MIRROR LAB :  4/14/14


Such a cool lab with lots of cool educational portions. It was awesome to see the super large mirrors that take years to make and are then placed on telescopes!

10007046_782250361787065_888197282911473154_n 10153181_782250325120402_9216032082244396828_n 1779963_782250175120417_116210301371028388_n

Graduation bucket list item #25 completed: PARTICIPATE IN RELAY FOR LIFE :  4/26/14


Participating in the largest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society was such a humbling experience especially since I have people in my life who have passed on due to cancer. I encourage everyone to participate in something like this.

10325314_788704261141675_5270706693141021713_n 10308116_788704247808343_1769880918493292334_n 10151421_788704217808346_2571160910208765580_n

Graduation bucket list item #103 completed: STOP THE SPREAD OF NEGATIVE MESSAGES :  4/26/14


There’s this guy called Brother Dean who hangs around campus who is just so full of hate and bigotry and who is constantly seen holding up disrespectful signs like ‘you deserve hell’ or ‘you deserve rape’. I’ve always wanted to stand in front of him and hold up a sign with a positive message to show that love conquers hate. Today, I finally did it. At Relay For Life he was holding a sign that said ‘you deserve hell’ and a few other students and I stood in front of him to shield the cancer survivors from his negative message.

Graduation bucket list item #7 completed: DO YOGA OUTDOORS :  5/7/14


Doing yoga outdoors is the best way to do yoga, in my personal opinion. At least under the shade of trees and later in the evening when the weather is beautiful. Everyone needs to do yoga outdoors at least once especially if you are a student because sometimes you just need to de-stress and slow life down a little bit. Here’s what I learned: Be kind to yourself, it’s yoga.

Graduation bucket list item #114 completed: THROW A TOGA PARTY :  5/16/14


This grad bucket list item was an interesting one. It started out with me wanting to just GO to a toga party and then it turned into me just throwing a toga party. My lovely roommates made this into a happy graduation/toga party for me because they are amazing. It was such a fun time, crazy times were had by all lol 🙂

10372641_799365566742211_8996323330003207125_n 10374936_799365570075544_1915622116076593963_n 10366079_799365543408880_8722449333775278015_n

Graduation bucket list item #14 completed: GET ZONA ZOO AND GO TO ALL GAMES :  all year


The student section ‘Zona Zoo‘ is known as the most passionate and loudest section in the PAC 12 and it was such a blast having a zona zoo pass and going to all of the football and basketball games. Definitely encourage everyone to get the pass. I also got to meet Mike Bibby,  Elliott Pitts, Brandon Ashley, TJ McConnell and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (UA basektball players).

1798699_747267631952005_2064253393_n 1512282_755168461161922_1093420158_n 1978911_758217784190323_1321377473_n 10325310_790792524266182_5509979902235897829_n  11058084_1024158230929609_3244181406663685668_n 1970723_762453587100076_896333919_n 1970484_762453677100067_109197833_n 1555575_747953815216720_1316438884_n  1503260_747953668550068_1179929196_n 1779701_747953658550069_245083006_n 1619257_742097819135653_1508253185_n 1618575_742047482474020_1338233942_n 1017358_740573815954720_904268672_n  1461834_713366748675427_1517873446_n 1484132_713366722008763_1119920633_n 1467440_713366705342098_2009486445_n 1479066_707829465895822_582426206_n 1451500_707829425895826_644877739_n  1459907_705521169459985_926734140_n 1461777_705521206126648_1185729249_n 1391764_700043556674413_133003192_n 1466133_700043526674416_155762222_n 1424347_700043470007755_1831369154_n 561_700043720007730_1282295157_n 1391760_700043446674424_1177749040_n 1455023_700043786674390_1866235564_n 1184877_693677413977694_848390493_n  644462_693677527311016_1667211574_n 1375190_689203614425074_1362905151_n 1186145_669814156364020_927063942_n 994971_705521256126643_584722865_n

Graduation bucket list item # 12 completed : GET THE MOST ENGINEERING AMBASSADOR POINTS


An Engineering Ambassadoris someone who goes through a selection and interview process in order to represent the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona. The primary goal of an Engineering Ambassador is to go out and recruit and encourage people to go into engineering. It was such a fun part of my college experience and I encourage all students to join a similar organization in their colleges.

1795485_762456053766496_796243249_n 1468732_715439258468176_454217956_n 1377078_690384860973616_1935439067_n 1476025_704494316229337_1138998682_n 1460099_704494252896010_1439300612_n 1393794_690446014300834_485011514_n 1466024_704494576229311_1784488775_n 1472734_704494532895982_784793940_n 1441553_704494482895987_1125327662_n 734469_704494462895989_1148185877_n 1450163_704494396229329_1117671219_n 1451447_704494209562681_2069710127_n 1424279_704494172896018_631042650_n  1452364_704494046229364_1272881379_n 1471812_704494026229366_357521434_n

Graduation bucket list item #79 completed: HAVE AN EPIC SPRING BREAK : March


We started off spring break with a super spontaneous trip to Las Vegas!!! We were literally watching the basketball game at a bar in Tucson one night and we said ‘we should be in Vegas watching the tournament in person’ and one thing led to another and we all packed our bags and drove to Vegas!


We had never seen the Hoover Dam in person so we decided to make a quick pit stop.

1504054_767559136589521_1741136423_n 1901810_767559039922864_287279725_n


1959240_767558986589536_2103759284_n  vegas


We had such a blast in Vegas!!! After Vegas, was the planned part of spring break: San Francisco!

1964993_770635826281852_1918990521_n 1926631_770635252948576_1432140569_n 1620436_770634226282012_1885951713_n 10003129_770634122948689_2095349978_n 1978876_770634062948695_1053237447_n 1534368_770633936282041_621481809_n 1966701_770633912948710_489437638_n 10013652_770633839615384_272727335_n 1979727_770632242948877_797855206_n 1511086_770632132948888_590653447_n 1977190_770632086282226_1948865156_n 10009313_770632052948896_1504210170_n 1458436_770632016282233_1530056916_n 1662041_770631972948904_1824090065_n san-francisco 10014660_770631156282319_1644211115_n 1920138_770631079615660_754444953_n

Graduation bucket list item #1 IN PROGRESS : GRADUATE


1982164_790529627625805_1984921798584824599_n 10325394_790529550959146_6271039642899105774_n 10155312_790529460959155_3753179872941143896_n 859306_790529337625834_919206409606534894_o 10264156_790529260959175_5519167904986075907_o 10275376_790529184292516_7090518983607000346_o 10264192_790529114292523_8874247443984879229_o 10295535_790529024292532_5622422760664195347_o 10333257_790528914292543_8458445273536445306_o 1383148_790528780959223_6543738129801278874_n 10177244_790528680959233_1731435796415722662_n 10014782_790528484292586_3029449406721381048_o 887159_790528364292598_6003763303318748546_o 10325135_790528060959295_8164109019997045754_n  10259109_790527954292639_2362460957893060733_o 1498918_790527944292640_7653484373384774451_o 1511075_790532480958853_2312499335355443904_n 10246405_790532484292186_8619180480113048233_n 1908310_790532700958831_2926371095932022347_n

Graduation bucket list item #1 COMPLETED: GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!  1459967_808130709199030_2554552530549318512_n 10371695_803876729624428_8172730169612186250_n   10363703_801325926546175_5790151990694685176_n 10365828_801113266567441_9220821718955928225_n   1012590_800916959920405_6124174987742620398_n 10329303_800916823253752_5799636964008712044_n 10404519_800917043253730_8028464047029677393_n  1554384_800916666587101_4677306322419178973_n 10329310_800917019920399_8380552259965888394_n 10330466_800925243252910_6475268816922734999_n 10364161_799829140029187_7300779666931220381_n 10339642_799824036696364_7713229245657288576_n 984077_799824016696366_2379179234381008626_n 10363333_799566476722120_2241072070793268990_n  10290667_799531043392330_1984814544649187278_n 10342906_799527003392734_6977683488433918582_n 10342831_799526970059404_943071988576635694_n 10339766_799526946726073_2913113534693365006_n  10264489_799526843392750_3285050106817637690_n 960146_799526783392756_831299849601527515_n 10174815_798756226803145_3554722158615766372_n 10352571_798756203469814_4166353023735384098_n 10155363_798756173469817_2110970550060621802_n 1613891_798545380157563_3088216616550087956_n 10322582_798538036824964_3754945340593236320_n 10292221_798533413492093_3521086863061601753_n  10291697_798461193499315_7063777047502242155_n 10296788_798538136824954_7996105356456907629_n

Thanks so much for getting to the end of the graduation bucket list…I know it’s pretty long 😉 feel free to check out the other bucket lists that have resulted after my graduation bucket list: Life Bucket List, Food Bucket List, Travel Bucket List & Hiking Bucket List!