7 Enthusiastic Lessons Learned From Yoga!

Tomorrow is International Yoga Day and we are very excited!

I do yoga once a week at my gym and I love it. I love to do yoga every Friday and also after a long run or a long trip because it helps me to relax and free my mind. We’ve talked about yoga before on the blog when we visited The Foundry so you already know I am #EnthusiasticAboutYoga! To celebrate, I am sharing 7 lessons I’ve learned from doing yoga that can translate to your work life and your personal life. Enjoy!

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19 Of My Favorite Inspirational Quotes from the 2019 #WeAllGrow Latina Summit!

What a weekend friends, what a weekend. If you were following along on my Long Beach (LB) or Los Angeles (LA) Instagram stories, you’ll know that I was in California these last few days at the incredible #WeAllGrow Latina summit! This summit is one of my faves for so many reasons but the main reasons are because I am able to connect with phenomenal Latina bloggers/influencers/entrepreneurs, I learn a ton about blogging (stay tuned for exciting new things coming to the blog and to my social media), and the most important: I walk away so inspired and empowered.

This year, instead of doing a recap blog post (you can see past recaps here), I’ve decided to share this inspiration with you along with some fun photos of my newest friends and my favorite inspiration walls. During the last four days, I wrote down every inspirational nugget that either resonated with me personally or that I felt would resonate with all of you. The quotes are listed in the order that I heard them. Enjoy!  

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4 Reasons To Add The Phoenician Spa To Your Bucket List!

This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.

Summer is finally here in Phoenix, Arizona and for many people that means it is time to slow down life a little bit. A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to partner with the folks over at The Phoenician to check out their amazing spa and was blown away! I am here to tell you that a relaxing spa day needs to be on your bucket list, whether you are stressed or not. And since I am here to help, I will also let you know that a spa day is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day! Let me know if the four reasons below convince you to treat yo’self!

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6 of My Favorite Street Art Murals in Bogota, Colombia!

Happy Thursday friends! I am back from Colombia, and as much as I loved it (it is seriously such a beautiful and colorful country), I am happy to be home! As usual, I am having the post vacation blues and as I’ve said time and time again, the best way to overcome this is to reminisce! Today, I am sharing 6 of my favorite photos that showcase Colombia’s incredible street art scene! Keep reading to see amazing murals in Bogota!

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The Ultimate Food Bucket List : Rocky Point Edition!

I just got back from my first visit to Rocky Point (also known as Puerto Peñasco in Mexico) and I am so inspired. I loved this destination so much and I have so many people asking questions about what I did that I figured I might as well publish a post! This might be the fastest I’ve ever written about a destination and it is for a good reason: Rocky Point is seriously the ultimate road trip from Phoenix, Arizona!

Y’all need to add Rocky Point to your bucket list for so many reasons: beach, adrenaline filled activities, affordability, location, food, and the night life! Today I will be talking about the food but stay tuned for a post with more information on all of the other reasons why you need to visit Rocky Point!

I asked for recommendations on Instagram and you all definitely delivered. My favorite restaurants are listed below with #1 being my favorite. Enjoy!

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A Complete List of Everything You Need To Pack For Your Havasupai Falls Backpacking Trip!

I crossed off a major bucket list item and it was an incredible experience: hiking Havasupai Falls. You can check out 7 Photos To Inspire You To Hike Havasupai Falls if you’re not quite sure what this incredible place in nature looks like and you can also check out my Phoenix training plan to help you get ready physically! This item took me a little while to cross off because I wanted to train for the 10 mile hike and I needed to buy/borrow all of the equipment.

I learned a lot about what I should have brought and what I should have left behind. My backpack was huge and I realized it could have been SO MUCH LIGHTER. But it’s okay, you live and learn…and if you have a blog like me, you teach others! So, I’m here to help with the ultimate Havasupai Falls packing list!

This list was created based on googling, a blog post recommended by a friend, asking friends who are avid backpackers, and then kind of just guessing and hoping for the best. Lucky for you, I have a lot of lessons learned so I will be including what is necessary, what I wish I had brought and what is nice to have if you have space. Enjoy!

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8 Reasons To Add A Spring Training Game To Your Arizona Bucket List!

This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and Visit Mesa. As always, all opinions are my own.

It is Spring time in Arizona and that means it is Spring Training, something that is kind of a big deal around here. If you’ve never heard of Spring Training, then let me educate you real quick. Spring Training is a special time and it needs to be on your bucket list for so many reasons (I will outline my favorites) but before I do that, let’s talk about what exactly Spring Training is!

Spring Training is what it sounds like: it is training for Major League Baseball teams that happens in the Spring (specifically February 22-March 26). The biggest differences between Spring Training and regular season baseball are the dates and locations. If you are a baseball fan, I guarantee that you will love Spring Training. If you aren’t super into baseball, I can guarantee that you will love Spring Training for other reasons. Check out 8 reasons to add a Spring Training game to your Arizona Bucket List!

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Enthusiastic & Helpful Tips For First Time Terrain Race Participants!

Last November, my friend invited me to join him and his crew in running the Phoenix Terrain Race. I had no idea what to expect and kind of just jumped in! It was a freaking blast, but I also learned a lot and I’m here to share those tips with all of you so that you can be better prepared!

If you’ve ever wanted to run a 5K with obstacles throughout that will challenge your strength, then the Phoenix Terrain Race is for you! There are over 20 obstacles including wading through mud, which makes for some epic photos at the end! There is still time to register and you can do so here!

Here are my helpful tips, hope they help! If you have any tips to share, please let me know!

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YOU ALWAYS CHANGE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE (for Another Love or Another Life) Book Review!

This post is sponsored by the Penguin Random House. As always, all opinions are my own.

‘There are no shortcuts to getting over a broken heart. The only way out is through’ is one of the golden nuggets that you will find in the book ‘YOU ALWAYS CHANGE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE (for Another Love or Another Life)by Colombian author Amalia Andrade.

By now, you must know that here at Enthusiastic About Life, we are enthusiastic about many things…including books! This week, I am excited to partner with Penguin Random House to check out the English version of a Spanish book that has been taking the Latin American world by storm and to give one of you the opportunity to win a copy! Read until the end to find out how to enter the giveaway!

YOU ALWAYS CHANGE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE is unlike any other book I’ve ever read (and I read a lot, check out #EnthusiasticAboutBooks). First off, it is written in a really unique way: it has illustrations, it is interactive, it has playlists, AND recipes! Honestly, what more do you need? Amalia describes this book as the ‘ultimate first aid kit for a broken heart’.

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