The Ultimate Prescott Bucket List!

Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect place to live if you have an adventurous soul and love roadtrips. There are so many locations nearby where you can have an incredible day trip. Today, let’s talk about Prescott: Arizona’s Christmas City!

You may not have heard of Prescott unless you are from Arizona and I am here to change that! Prescott is a city North of Phoenix and there is a lot to eat, see and do here.

Let me know if I missed any items, enjoy!

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The Ultimate Prescott Food and Drink Bucket List!

Three years ago, I took on a role within my company that gave me the opportunity to drive up to Prescott once a month. I took on this role because I get the opportunity to work with an amazing group of students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, but also because I love visiting Prescott. Prescott is perfect for anyone who likes hiking AND food.

Prescott has some of the most diverse and delicious food I’ve tasted and not too many people know about this! Enjoy this list of my fave spots (in no particular order) that you absolutely need to try next time you’re in town!

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The Ultimate Tucson Food and Drink Bucket List!

When you think of Tucson, the first type of food to come to mind is probably Mexican food which we do have a lot of (and it’s all delicious) but there are so many kinds of restaurants in this beautiful city. This post is part of The Ultimate Tucson Bucket List series and has been a labor of love and includes places I’ve found on my own, via the Internet, and via friends! There is so much to eat in Tucson, that I’ve had to break it down by category (in alphabetical order).

I will say that my favorite restaurant in Tucson is a tie between Guero Canelo, El Charro, and Barista del Barrio depending on what I’m craving that day. Check out more of my favorites below!

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Enthusiastic About Travel: My Favorite Travel Photos From 2022!

I cannot believe that 2022 is almost over, it seriously just flew by. In 2017, I started a tradition of rounding up my favorite photos from each year however we had a slight hiatus in 2020 and 2021 but we are back!

Check out my favorite travel photos from 2017, 2018, and 2019.

This year, I was able to cross 2 new countries off of my list and see more of the beautiful United States as well as make several trips to the motherland.

Every year, I take some time to reflect on how that year went; and this year I will continue the tradition of rounding up one photo per trip to hopefully inspire you to travel a little more! Enjoy!

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Thank You SHPE For Changing My Life

Last weekend, I experienced a career and personal highlight: I had the honor of accepting an award from the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE) in front of colleagues, friends and folks I consider my family.

I joined SHPE twelve years ago in college and you can see some of my involvement with this wonderful organization by checking out #EnthusiasticAboutSHPE and/or by reading my post: How To Be An Enthusiastic Leader!

My friend and colleague Justin nominated me for the SHPE Technical Achievement Recognition (STAR) Diversity Award. The Diversity Award is presented to a recipient who strives to ensure Hispanic advancement in job promotions, business development and community activities within an organization. The honoree supports and leads diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace and champions diversity in the community.

I wanted to share my acceptance speech with you all in the hopes that my words can convey the extreme love and respect I have for SHPE and to hopefully inspire others to continue to open doors for others.

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How To Start a Scholarship!

If you’ve been following the blog for years, you will have known that eight years ago, I started a scholarship for SHPE UA (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, University of Arizona chapter) to give students the opportunity to go to the SHPE National Convention.

I started this scholarship because when I was in college, I didn’t have the funds to attend a convention like this that would give me professional opportunities and the ability to attend life changing workshops. I was able to go to a convention my senior year because of a scholarship so I wanted to give back.

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The Ultimate Guide to Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito, Mexico!

If you are a reggaeton or Latin music fan, then Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito, Mexico needs to be on your bucket list!

I attended this last weekend and itwas incredible and it was an absolute dream come true to see one of my favorite artists perform! I bought Daddy Yankee’s album Barrio Fino when I was 12 years old and have been a reggaeton fan ever since.

Check out my tips for first time festival attendees below!

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Waikiki Food Bucket List: 13 Spots To Try!

I was just in Hawaii to celebrate a vow renewal but we also made sure to eat and drink so many delicious things! Waikiki has so many different restaurants and places to grab a beer or a cocktail depending on what you are in the mood for. Check out 13 of my favorite spots that you absolutely need to try the next time you are in Waikiki! Enjoy these restaurants organized by type and let me know if I need to add any to this list.

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