The Ultimate Pescara Food and Drink Bucket List!

If you like incredible food then I highly recommend you book a trip to Pescara. It’s not full of tourists so you know all of the food here is so authentic. Check out all of my favorite restaurants in Pescara and let me know which sounds the best!


Fatoria Tocaferror is well known for the Arrosticini (Abruzzese lamb skewers). They were incredible and so easy to eat!

I also tried the spaghetti with meatballs and it was simple, but amazing!

The house wine was also very good!


We had the best dessert after dinner at Gelateria 80 Voglia in Pescara. All of the flavors were so good, I had strawberry, chocolate, and biscotti!


Our friend recommended that we try coffee granita and it was an incredible way to have coffee! So refreshing, especially in the middle of summer.


We stayed at the Hotel Plaza and enjoyed delicious cappuccinos every day!


We were in Italy for almost two weeks and got to try so much delicious food but I STILL think about this pasta from Lido Beach. I had the best seafood pasta at Lido Beach that I almost went back the next day and ordered the same dish! The pasta, the sauce, all the seafood that came with it was excellent!

A huge thank you to my sweet friends Geert and Sonia for bringing us here!

Lido had the most delicious margherita pizza and the best part is that they let you take it to go to enjoy on the beach!


Trieste Pizza is known for their tiny pizzas and they are so delicious. I could have eaten 10 of these!

They also have a great selection of beer but make sure to look at the size otherwise you may accidentally order a giant beer like I did.

Feel free to check out the entire catalog of my Food Bucket List for category inspiration and email me or comment below asking me for more restaurant recommendations as I aim to please!

Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic!

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