Kauai Food Bucket List: 7 Restaurants To Try!

Chili pepper chicken

I knew that Kauai would be a beautiful place to hike and explore but I was not aware that the food would be so incredible! From food truck to casual spot to a sit down restaurant, you’ll find a lot of great spots to add to your bucket list.

Check out seven spots (in alphabetical order) that you absolutely need to try the next time you are in Kauai.

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12 Bucket List Items To Cross Off In 2022!

Happy new year my friends (yes I know I’m late) but it is officially 2022! These last few years haven’t been great for blogging, but I am hopeful that 2022 will be better. I skipped my tradition of writing down 12 bucket list items I’d like to focus on for the year because it didn’t feel right, but I’m back!

You can check out my past bucket lists for 2020, 20192018, and 2017!

Just like in years prior, this blog post is multi-purpose, I want to share and inspire you all to set some goals for the New Year, and I also want to put this out into the Universe. I believe that once you say something out loud and/or write it down, the Universe will be on your side and help you accomplish whatever you set out to do. You can read more about that in 7 Reasons To Have A Bucket List.

But for now, let me know if you will be crossing off any similar items (maybe we can do them together)! These are in no particular order, enjoy!

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The Ultimate Napa Valley Food Bucket List!

You may know that Napa Valley has incredible wine, but did you know that Napa Valley is home to a ton of award winning and Michelin star restaurants?! We were in Napa Valley for a week and there was still not enough time to try every restaurant in our list but literally every place we tried was incredible. Check out nine of my favorite restaurants in Napa Valley that you absolutely need to check out in the order in which we tried them! Stay tuned for my full Napa Valley Bucket List coming soon.

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Enthusiastic About Running: Discount and Swag Codes for Races!

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I am #EnthusiasticAboutRunning. I love to run for so many different reason. The short story is that I run because it helps me to slow down my chaotic life and allows me to not multitask (all I do when I run is run and listen to music/podcasts). If you want the longer, sappier story, check out My Running Journey: Why I Started And Why I Still Run.

Ever since I started running, I kept going back to the same few races every year. Three of my favorite races are The Phoenix Turkey Trot, The Scottsdale Half Marathon, and the Hot Chocolate 15k! And luckily, I’ve been able to become an ambassador for all three races (#HotChocolatier, #RacePlaceAmbassador)!

Check out more info on each race below and feel free to join me in being Enthusiastic About Running by signing up using my code (which will get you either a discount or a sweet piece of swag)!

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The Ultimate Scottsdale Food Bucket List!

Scottsdale, Arizona is a very popular tourist destination but it’s also a pretty popular place for locals especially when it comes to dining. My favorite part about Scottsdale dining is the variety of your options. You can go to an upscale restaurant or you can go to a more low key restaurant where the food really shines. Check out 12 of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale listed in my most recent visits. This post is part of The Ultimate Scottsdale Bucket List series and has been a labor of love and includes places I’ve found on my own, via the Internet, and via friends!

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12 Non-Fiction Books To Read For A More Enthusiastic and Professional Life!

2020 was quite a year…quite a year of staying home. I do most of my reading on flights so at the beginning of 2020, I missed out on a lot of the reading I would usually do. However, I started reading on Sundays to take a break from all of the television I was watching and to sort of balance out my life.

Check out 12 of my favorite non-fiction books that I’ve read so far (in the order that I read them). I’ll write a post for my favorite fiction books soon so stay tuned.

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Ono Hawaiian BBQ: The Ultimate Hawaiian Destination When We Can’t Travel To Hawaii!

This post is sponsored by Ono Hawaiian BBQ. As always, all opinions are my own.

Happy Foodie Friday y’all! It’s my favorite day of the week and I’m very excited to be partnering with Ono Hawaiian BBQ to introduce you all to their delicious food. This was my first time trying Hawaiian food in Arizona and as someone who’s been to Hawaii, I can tell you that you all need to make the Ono Hawaiian BBQ in your area one of your spots!

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The Ultimate Phoenix Bucket List!

As someone who was born and raised in Phoenix, and still happens to live here, I get a lot of questions on what there is to do in Phoenix, Arizona. Whenever I get this question, I always end up interrogating the person.

What kind of food do you like?

Do you like to hike?

Do you like art?

Do you mind walking?

How long will you be visiting?

And then about 20 more questions after that. I ask all of these questions because there is SO MUCH to do in Phoenix. I’ve taken my own experiences, used the internet, consulted friends and fellow travel bloggers, and all of this has resulted in The Ultimate Phoenix Bucket List! Please let me know if I need to add any other items, enjoy!

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