The Ultimate Houston Bucket List!

If you love space, beautiful nature, and BBQ you need to take a trip to Houston, Texas! Check out all of my recommendations and let me know if you’re inspired to visit.

What To Eat and Drink

Campesino Coffee House

I had delicious Cafe de Olla at Campesino Coffee House! The coffee shop itself has great vibes.

Killen’s BBQ

I had the most delicious BBQ in Houston, Texas and I still dream about it to this day! I had a few items on their menu as I wanted to sample it all. I tried the spicy sausage, pulled pork and brisket and my favorite was definitely the brisket.

The Breakfast Klub

I highly recommend you check out The Breakfast Klub in Houston! There was so much food but I ate it all because it was that good!

Tiny Champions

Tiny Champions had amazing pasta, pizza and salad! Everything had so much flavor!!! The cabbage salad with pistachio apricot agrodolce and pecorino cheese was so crunchy and the perfect way to start the meal.

The rigatoni pasta with beef and pork bolognese and parmesan was so hearty and delicious.

The star of the show was hands down the pizza that came with summer corn, chili cream sauce, smoked mozzarella, and pickled green tomato. I’ve never had so many delicious flavors at once!

What To See and Do

Buffalo Bayou Park

Who remembers making wishes by blowing on dandelions as a kid? Lucky for you, in Houston (near Buffalo Bayou Park) you can have a dandelion experience. Check out the beautiful structure behind me! Didn’t I tell you Houston was full of Instagrammable opportunities?

Cloud Column

A big thing that I love about Houston is all of the art (and Instagrammable spots) around the city including this gem here! This is called the Cloud Column, it’s new and I found it on my morning run! If it looks familiar, it’s because the same person who worked on the Chicago Bean is responsible!

Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park

We kind of just stumbled upon it, we were driving by and immediately pulled over to check it out. Most of the time I have everything planned when I go on trips but spontaneous finds are always fun.

Hermann Park

I enjoy running in new cities! It’s a fun way to explore especially when there are beautiful parks like Hermann Park in Houston!

Smither Park

Smither Park is an area in a neighborhood that is filled with sculptures, mosaics and artistic items. It’s super cool to admire the art but it’s also great for Instagram photo-ops  and apparently on Saturdays you can watch the artists at work! Check out more photos to inspire you here!

Space Center Houston

I love that I totally matched matches one of the rockets at the Space Center Houston. This was #1 on my bucket list bcause I’m an aerospace engineer by day but after spending over four hours here I can guarantee that anyone would enjoy a visit! There’s just so much to do and see and learn! At the Space Center, you can go to an astronaut lecture and ask all types of questions, you can go on two different tours and see some wildlife, you can check out some awesome rockets and you can watch some fun movies!

Walk Around Downtown

I hope you all enjoyed the list! Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic! Please comment and let me know what other items I need to add.

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