The Ultimate New York Food and Drink Bucket List!

New York has so many amazing diverse restaurants and I love visiting purely for the food! Check out all of my restaurant recommendations and let me know if you’re inspired to visit!

About Time

After a super fun night out in NYC, the next day I NEEDED coffee! I tried this tiger stripe latte from About Time and it was so good!

Azul on the Rooftop

If you’re looking for delicious cocktails on a rooftop with amazing views, look no further than Azul on the Rooftop!

Bleecker Street Pizza

All of the pizza I ate was incredible but my absolute favorite was Bleecker Street Pizza in Brooklyn! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! It was delicious and honestly it made me want to order more even when I was full.


Everyone told me I had to have a bagel in NYC, so my friend and I stopped at Ess-a-Bagel and we LOVED it. I had a ham, egg and cheese bagel sandwich and it was phenomenal. I loved the food but was more in love with the whole ambiance. We stood in line and they were so quick to take your order….a little too quick that I panicked and ordered the first thing on the menu because I didn’t want to hold up the line. 

I’ve gone back two more times since then and everything I’ve had has been amazing!

Five Boys Fresh Pizza

It’s not a trip to New York without trying late night pizza! Our first late night pizza spot was Five Boys Fresh Pizza and it was delicious!

Food Stands

It’s also not a trip to New York without trying delicious street food! I unfortunately didn’t get the names of the food stands but everything was so good! One was outside of Lavo night club but you can see food stands all over!

Il Cantinori

If you want incredible Italian food in a beautiful restaurant with excellent service, I highly recommend Il Cantinori! We went here before a Broadway show and it was incredible! The pappardelle alla buttera was phenomenal, it was homemade pasta with crumbled sausage, peas, and cream. It was so full of flavor!

The tiramisu was also delicious!

Joe’s Pizza

Another great, casual pizza spot was Joe’s Pizza! I love that they gave you a garlic knot with each slice!

Juliana’s Pizza

Juliana’s Pizza not only has delicious pizza, it is also in a super cool location very close to the Brooklyn bridge. This pizza with arugula was so good! Their cheesecake was also excellent!

Patacon Pisao

I had the BEST arepas from Patacon Pisao, and they were so bomb. For those who don’t know, arepas are kind of like a meat pie made from ground maize dough originally from Venezuela! I tried the arepas with chicken and pork! They are fried and delicious, thanks so much Melanie for recommending!

The Spot

If you’re looking for a fun drag brunch spot with huge portions of brunch food, check out The Spot! The fried chicken and tator tots were so good!

I also loved the beer they gave us!

Stella’s Pizza

Another fantastic late night pizza spot was Stella’s Pizza! I really loved the crust on this one.

Feel free to check out the entire catalog of my Food Bucket List for category inspiration and email me or comment below asking me for more restaurant recommendations as I aim to please!

I hope you all enjoyed the list! Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic!

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