Meow Wolf Belongs On Your New Mexico Bucket List!

My cousin told me that I absolutely needed to add Meow Wolf to my bucket list and she was SO RIGHT. Meow Wolf is an Immersive Art Installation / Choose Your Own Adventure Fun House created by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin with the help of over 100 artists. It is seriously so awesome. You walk into this huge building and the first thing you see is a full sized Victorian house and you are told that a family has gone missing inside. You have to explore the house looking for clues and there are so many levels (including ‘under water’ pictured here) and areas where you have to slide down laundry machines or climb up into tree houses. It is seriously so epic. Check out all of my photos to inspire you to visit!


I hope you all enjoyed the list! Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic! Please comment and let me know what other items I need to add.

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