Foam & Fun at the Phoenix Bubble Run 5K!


Last Saturday, I was able to cross off bucket list item #20 (once again) when I ran another 5K! This year is definitely the year of running for me. Check out the video below of the Phoenix Bubble Run 5K to really get a sense of what the run was like (trust me, I got some pretty cool shots running through the bubbles). It’s only 2 minutes long, which I know you have time for! 🙂

I ran the Phoenix Bubble Run 5K with my 3 adult cousins, 3 baby cousins, and 1 friend and it was AN ABSOLUTE BLAST. I knew it would be interesting, but I had no idea how much I would laugh, cheer, and smile.


The day started off bright and early with our super cute shirts (that were SO soft).


I never realized how hard it was to get a good picture when you have children with you. Seriously, at least one child looked away or blinked in each picture.



The stations where the bubbles would come out looked a little intimidating and it kind of was! You can check out the video to get a better view of what it was like going through the bubbles. It was a very immersive experience…at some points I felt like I was underwater. I couldn’t see much but it was SO AWESOME.

The first station that we went through didn’t have as many bubbles. I think they did this on purpose to sort of ease us into what to expect during the race. The next few stations, however, HAD SO MANY BUBBLES.

After the first station, we were covered in a few bubbles but not too many.

bubble-run-5k (2)

The next few stations just engulfed us with the bubbles. And one thing that I wasn’t aware of was that the bubbles had color dye in them….so we walked out super colorful. And it was funny because the same day of the race I had to give a keynote speech in Tucson, and I started freaking out a little bit because the color wasn’t coming off!! Luckily, after 2 showers the color came off and I was clean and ready for my speech haha.


Another fun part of the race was that after the 5K, you could still hang out and get even more bubbles thrown at you.          


It was such a fun experience and I am definitely planning on doing the Bubble Run 5K next year! 


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Thanks for reading and stay enthusiastic 🙂

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