How To Navigate the Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival + Giveaway!

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It is October, summer is FINALLY officially over and we are in full Fall mode. And when it’s Fall, you know that we are all thinking the same thing: PUMPKIN PATCHES. At least I am. If you’ve never been to a pumpkin patch, you need to add it to your bucket list right now. If you’re not sure why I’m telling you to do this, keep reading and let’s see if I can convince you that checking out the Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival (which includes a Pumpkin Patch) needs to be on your list.

This week, I’ve teamed up with Vertuccio Farms to help you cross off that very special bucket list. A big thank you to Cono & Angela Vertuccio for partnering with us. They have graciously donated 4 tickets for 4 lucky readers to check out their pumpkin patch. This giveaway will live all over social media (Facebook, The Blog, Instagram & Twitter) and the winner will be announced on all of my social media channels this Friday. Read to the bottom of this post for the full details!

Let’s learn a little bit about Vertuccio Farms so that you can agree with me when I say that it needs to be added to your bucket list.

Vertuccio Farms is located in Mesa (4011 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212).dsc_0198

Right now is one of the best times to visit them because of their Fall Festival!dsc_0195

There is SO MUCH to do and it’s very inexpensive. Children under 2 are free and everyone else pays $9. The admission price is totally worth it because of all of the activities that they have. My favorite part is that you pay the admission price and all of the rides are included. No need to buy extra tickets for anything else. There was so much to do that it was so hard to decide what to do first. So to make it easy, I just let my little 5 year old cousin make the decision 🙂

She grabbed her little brother’s hand and started walking toward the mini hay maze.

vertuccio-farms-9 vertuccio-farms-10After that, she led us to the Tube Roll, which is exactly what it sounds like. You literally get inside of a tube and roll. I was injured from my half marathon so I couldn’t do it but my little cousins and their mom had so much fun!


After rolling around for a while, this brave little 5 year old took us to the mini zip line. YES. A MINI ZIP LINE. She’s so brave. And unfortunately this zip line is only for kids. And we know this because their mom tried to get on (lol).

vertuccio-farms-17 After the zip line, my little cousin ran back super excited to tell us that she wanted to go on the barrel train ride. And she literally ran back because my little cousin is also a runner (check her out during the bubble run we did a few months ago!).  vertuccio-farms-20

The next stop she led us to was the Grain Train. It was nice to get on this so that the adults could get a little break (haha), but also we got to see a lot of the farm, which was super cool!

vertuccio-farms-23 And my little cousins loved it!vertuccio-farms-31 After the barrel train ride, we went to the petting zoo. This was my 2 year old cousin’s favorite part, he loves animals.vertuccio-farms-36 And after petting animals, they wanted to play some water games!

vertuccio-farms-38 After the water games, we headed to the ‘park style’ games.

vertuccio-farms-41 vertuccio-farms-42

After these games, my little cousin led us to the jumping pad! So many kids doing the most intense flips.


After the jumping pad, the adults were tired so we got on another ride; this one was called the Cow Ride.


After the little break on the cow ride, we headed into the corn maze!vertuccio-farms-62

And of course, we got lost but it was still really fun and my little cousins didn’t realize we were lost (lol) so they had a blast.vertuccio-farms-63

Then we cooled down with some much needed Kona Ice.      vertuccio-farms-70

And played some lawn games and MILKED A COW!   vertuccio-farms-75

And finally the pumpkin patch!  My cousin was so happy with her tiny pumpkin and I can’t wait to make some pumpkin pie with mine.

Thanks again Vertuccio Farms for hosting us, we had a blast. Alright everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for. It’s giveaway time!


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Good luck! The more places you comment on, the more entries you will get and the better chance you have at winning those 4 tickets! The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Even if you don’t win those 4 lucky tickets, you can still go to Vertuccio Farms, here is all of their information:


Thanks for reading and stay enthusiastic!


72 thoughts on “How To Navigate the Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival + Giveaway!

  1. Definitely looking forward to experiencing what Vertuccio Farms has to offer!!!! We did Tolmachoff Farms last year (per your posts) and my girls had a blast!!!!!

    1. Me and my 3yr old little girl went on Tuesday 10/10/16 with some friends and had a great time. Our first time here. Would live to go back to Veruccio Farm with the rest of my family. My daughter 5yr and 15yr. We always go as a family once a year. But with one in Kindergarten she going on field trip they want let 3yr old go. So we came on own. High School don’t go. So we need to make a trip that a single mom has to find money for.

  2. We love Vertuccio Farm so much. It is always the highlight of Fall. They have so many activities, it is worth it every time!

  3. We have never been to Vertuccio Farms. Sounds really exciting, and I like that the entry fee gets access to all the rides!

  4. We would love to take our kiddos to the farm. We have never gone for the Fall Festival!

  5. Can’t wait to take our four kiddos (ages 5,2,1&1) to Vertuccio Farms! It’s hard to find things all four enjoy to do and this seems perfect for our family! Looks like fun for the honey and I too!

  6. Looking forward to spending quality time with the family at Vertuccio Farms. There’s so much to do and see!!

  7. We love vertuccio farms. We love that every year they add something new and exciting! Our favorite part is the milk can train ride!!!

  8. Vertuccio Farm gets better every year! Can’t wait to take the kids this year.

  9. I love Vertuccio Farms, but I haven’t been during the fall yet. I would love to take my family!

  10. What a great article! Thanks for sharing. Would love to win the free tickets but even if I dont I wouldnt miss Vertuccio Farms for anything in the fall. I love it as much as my 9 year old and we cant wait for the corn maze!

  11. I am grandma of 6 beautiful grandkids, and money is tight. I have been looking for something fun to do with my grands. Schuff farms is to far and to expensive. So we are planning a trip here . Can’t wait, and kids are excited.

  12. Great article! Weve never been to the farm. Heres to lucky comments and winning a 4 pack ♡

  13. We can’t wait to bring our BFF’s that are here for the weekend to the BEST pumpkin patch in all of Arizona. We are looking forward to some harvest fun, making memories and enjoying our friends and kiddos.

  14. My daughter is 14 months old and I think she would love Vertuccio Farms! This would be a wonderful outinf for our family!

  15. Visited Vertuccio Farms 2 years ago and had blast, have to visit this year again, would love the win tickets for the family!!! Best farm ever ??

  16. My kids would love vertuccio farm! They would love going on the ride, petting the animals and doing the corn maze! I am excited to take them for the experience!!! Thanks for sharing your experience there!

  17. We just moved to the area and are so excited to experience all the fall activities that the east valley has going on. We’d be super grateful to win a 4 pack! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Looks like they have so much for the kids to do! We have a family of 7 so a few tickets really help us out getting the kids out of the house and doing amazing things like this!

  19. I just moved here from Virginia and am excited to take my little one there. Especially excited for the train ride.

  20. We’re excited to visit Vertuccio Farms for the petting zoo and the mini zip line! My son loves animals and my stepdaughter could ride the zip line all day if we allowed her too. It’d be a wonderful family visit for sure!

  21. My kids would love all the activities! It just feels like fall when you visit a corn maze & pumpkin patch.

  22. My family has gone every year since we have lived in Arizona!
    I am excited to see the new adventures that have been added, especially the barrel roll! I am also always excited to get lost with my family in the corn maze!

  23. Vertuccio is awesome and we would love to take our two kiddos there! So many fun things to do 🙂

  24. We have been to Vertuccio Farms every year since my oldest was 11 months. This is our 10th year. It has been so fun to watch my children and the farm grow. We have so many great memories there. It is a great tradition for our family

  25. My daughter is crazy for farm animals right now so we are super excited to see them!!

  26. Never have been to Vertuccio Farms! Would love to win the family 4 pack! Thanks for the chance!

  27. We went when my 2 grandsons were little! Now they are old enough (3 and 4) to really enjoy it! I know it sounds crazy, but I remember things from when I was that age and I want to give my grandchildren memories to cherish as well! Can’t wait to go!

  28. I am excited to visit the farm with my kiddos, we have not been to one in awhile since we moved to this side of town. 🙂

  29. We have never been here as a family and are so excited to do so this year!! Winning this 4 pack would make it all that much better!! Everything you described has me so pumped and excited to bring my girls and enjoy it!

  30. I have been wanting to take my 4 year old twin boys! I’m sure they would love all the activities and that would make me the “bestest mom ever!”

  31. I’m excited to bring the family so we can have some fun, family quality time together. This will be our first year attending. It seems promising from all the pictures I see on your blog. Can’t wait

  32. I’m excited to go to the farm because after moving to the area 5 years ago it’s become a family tradition. My kids love the huge slides and the big bouncy thing plus we can’t get enough of the animals! This year is a little rougher than normal so to win tkts wld be amazing!

  33. We are excited to visit Vertuccio Farms because it looks like alot of fun for the whole family! My kids love family friendly places and this definitely looks like it is going to be a blast!

  34. We take our 4 year old twins every year and they love it! Just last week my son asked when we get to go to that place with the “cow cars pulled by a tractor.” We can’t wait to go this year!

  35. Love being able to go there with my friends and have our kids all have a great time in the hay maze

  36. My family and I are so excited to check out the fall festival at vertuccio farms! My two year old daughter will just have a blast going! Winning the 4 pack would be so amazing! Thanks for the great blog review!

  37. I would love to take my son there!! He would love it! He had a blast at tolmachoff farms on Saturday and he loves it!

  38. We’ve never been, but would love to win tickets to be able to take my 4 kids for some fall fun!

  39. I would be grateful to win to go to Vertuccio Farms. I would like my kids to enjoy themselves we can’t afford to do things like this.

  40. I’m excited to take my two year old! She loves the outdoors, jumping and animals. We considered a lot of the different pumpkin patches in the valley but this one is the best deal by far. Can’t wait to go!

  41. We are new to Az and this is our first holiday season here. We miss our traditions back home right now. Looking forward to checking out the fall festival and hoping it be one of many new traditions for our little family.

  42. Would love to get all the kids out of the house to enjoy a fun fall activity!! Can’t go wrong with a fall festival! 🙂

  43. I’m excited to go to Vertuccio Farms because my little one is finally at the age where she can really enjoy it and experience all it has to offer!

  44. It’s our little pumpkin’s 1st fall and even though she won’t be able to do much, she loves being outside and seeing animals. Excited to take her to the festival!

  45. So excited to go back to vertuccio farms. We went last year and loved it! We will be bringing our whole extended family visiting from out of town there next weekend!

  46. We are excited to visit the farm to experience a fun family friendly fall experience. Love supporting local places and love the fact that it is a family owned farm. I also love how they collect canned good for local food drive! These are some of the many reasons we want to visit Vertuccio Farms.

  47. We had my son’s second birthday at Vertuccio Farms, and a lot of great memories in the past.I have never gotten a chance to go to the fall festival, but would absolutely love to go this year. I would also like to see how the farm has changed, and be reminded of all the things we loved in the past.

  48. We are new to the area and this looms lile so much fun to do as a family! Our boys will go CRAZY! ?

  49. I have been looking for a fun, yet reasonably priced place to take my girls for some fall fun. This looks amazing! It was recommended to me by a friend who goes every year. Hopefully we’ll see you all this coming weekend! ?

  50. We live near the farm and love the fresh peaches and other produce they sell we have never been to the fall festival though. Looks like a lot of fun.

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