The Ultimate Puerto Vallarta Food and Drink Bucket List!

If you love seafood then I highly recommend you book a trip to Puerto Vallarta. It’s a beautiful coastal town in Mexico that is only a quick 2 hour direct flight from Phoenix. Check out all of my favorite spots in Puerto Vallarta and let me know which sounds the best!

Pancho’s Takos

Panchos Takos has the best al pastor tacos I’ve ever had. They’re cheap and have lots of meat so I’d recommend you order 1 less taco than you normally would. There’s always a line so either go early before they open or be willing to wait in line.

Their salsas are also so good!

Monzon Brewery

Monzon Brewery was a cool spot with really good beer. The food looked good but we didn’t try it.

Fiesta Americana

My favorite restaurant at Fiesta Americana was La Cevicheria because they had such tasty seafood AND it was right next to the beach so you could enjoy the views and listen to the ocean as you had lunch. This deep fried fish taco was so good!!!

The ceviche is also tasty and they have a great selection of beer.

I really enjoyed the pan dulce too that was served at breakfast.

Feel free to check out the entire catalog of my Food Bucket List for category inspiration and email me or comment below asking me for more restaurant recommendations as I aim to please!

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Thank you all for reading, and stay enthusiastic!

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